Dear 12-year-old-1998-me, I wanted to text you, then decided to go for mail but alas! You are old-fashioned, aren’t you? Still into writing and receiving letters. So here I am scribbling to reminiscence the good old days. Now, you’d be wondering why all of a sudden I turned nostalgic? Wait, I will tell you about that later.

I assume by the time you shall receive this letter, Mummy would have read it already, clearly not considering our privacy. I know, she still doubts there is something going on between me and Sarita but you know what, the other day I met her; just crossed ways in the mall. She got married last year. One crush down, mate!

I live in Mumbai now. You’d be surprised to know that I write for a living. Creatively narrating stories is my forte which I learned from Father. I fondly remember how he used to tell stories while we slept on the roof, gazing and counting stars. We used to have that Bajaj Scooter, whose gear control was done with hands. When he returned from office at 7 pm, Mom would signal me to turn off the TV. I would hastily switch to Discovery Channel in order to lure him into believing that I was doing something worthwhile. He would enter the living room, demanded the remote and we would binge-watch cricket on ESPN. He cursed Venkatesh Prasad when he delivered too full, would clap on Ganguly’s cover drive, admire Steve Waugh and switched off the TV when Sachin used to get out. That was when Mom served us dinner. Father stopped watching cricket when Sachin hung his boots four years back.

In those days, I developed a flair for munching words by voraciously reading comics. Be it Chacha Chowdhary, Billoo, Pinki, Tinkle, Nagraj, Doga or Champak, I just read everything by renting it with my pocket money. Also, I rented video games and movies and cherish those wonderful moments with friends. Now I binge watch Breaking Bad alone on Netflix and mundanely run on the tracks of Subway Surfer to collect golden coins.

But some things did not change. Shah Rukh is still my favorite hero and King Khan of Bollywood. I still look for ‘Tazos’ in the packet of Uncle Chips and ‘Tatoo’ in the Boomer. I still remember, by heart the lessons taught by Shaktimaan. And today also, while playing Antakshari, I sing those melodious songs of Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan.

Now, I will curb your curiosity and tell you why I have been reminiscing about my adolescence. Well, the thing is that I watched the trailer of ‘Yeh Meri Family’ which is created, developed and produced by TVF (Will tell you more about TVF in another letter). The show caught my attention and made me all nostalgic about the 90s. It has all the elements of a regular family from the late nineties consisting of a professional and chilled father, a strict housewife mother and three siblings with lots of happy memories, learnings, and trivia of that era.

Now, I can’t wait for 12 July when the first episode of ‘Yeh Meri Family’ will be released on TVF Play’s app. I am too excited and too nostalgic. You must have sensed it now.

Okay, I will take your leave now, Mom has served dinner. Will write to you again. Till then, goodbye.


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