Home Buy, Pocket Size World Time Travel Alarm Clock with Calendar Temperature & Led Torch


This is a great little feature packed world travel alarm clock. A very useful travel alarm clock with a nice set of useful features and functions. It is small and compact and is an ideal travel product to take on holidays or to give as a gift The World Time Travel Clock has the usual features of calendar and time functions with a very useful illuminated display to actually see the time in the dark. You’d be surprised at how many travel clocks out there don’t even have a light to illuminate the display at night. As well as the usual, this handy travel gadget/travel product has a decent torch as well.

Price: ₹ – 459   


Designeez 6 in 1 Multifunction Tool Ballpoint Pen,Handy Tech Screwdriver

Its a ballpoint pen which has a stylus on the back side of the pen and if you remove the stylus there is a Flathead reversible screwdriver there is a ruler and spirit level and the pen is made out of metal

Price: ₹ -499 


Cartup High Speed USB Hub for Pc/Laptop (USB 3 with 3 Ports)


  • High Speed & High Capacity: Supports up to 1 TB HDD with data transfer speed (480 Mbps)
  • 3 dedicated slots: 1 upstream and 3 downstream USB ports.
  • Sharp and sleek lightweight design for easy portability.
  • Supports hot swapping i.e it can fit or replace with the power still connected.
  • Compact size suitable for notebooks.
  • Plug-n-play for hassle-free installation.
  • The USB 2.0 mini hub could read and write on three products at the same time to keep you away from the hassle of constant unplugging and re-plugging.

Price:₹ -399 


Saco Wrist Rest Palm Support Comfort Soft Wrist Pad Double side usage for PC Laptop Desk Keyboards (Black with Orange Line Edges)

Saco Wrist Rest Palm Support Comfort Soft Wrist Pad with Double-side has used high quality imported leather manufacturing, soft and comfortable, high density, texture clear, used for a long time, reduce friction between the palms of your hand from the desktop, protect your skin Use easy to open & close, more comfortable. The user-friendly design ensures proper hand position while typing. Conforms to wrists for exceptional comfort, significantly Reduces Wrist Fatigue Special designed for use with keyboards, helping relieve pain and ache of computer typing. Perfect use for PC Laptop Desk Keyboards, Suit for Offices, Home, Gaming.
Size : 45 cm* 10 cm* 2 cm

Price: ₹-350 


Footful Pair No Tie Elastic Silicone Shoelaces White

Waterproof, Easy to clean, Dirty-free laces! No more tying shoelaces It makes your old shoes Comfortable, Neat & Fashionable. Unisex and all-match, suitable for most of canvas, casual, athletic, sports shoes. Material: silicone Size 16pcs(1set): approx. 3.8, 4.3, 4.8, 5.0, 5.5, 5.8, 6.3, 6.8cm Color: White Why FootfulTM Professional Footful steam is multinational, bringing together expertise in design, manufacture, and application of foot care products, delivering the maximum value to the market s needs.

Price: ₹- 444.69 


 Multi Band Finger Ring Mobile Phone Holder

Price: ₹- 250   


Rnaux Smart Phone Cleaning Gel Kit 200ML (Aqua Breeze Perfumed)

The package contains Gel based solution to clean all your smart phones, phablets and tablets in Aqua Breeze perfume. In case you wish to purchase any other perfume, choose your desired variant. You can also pick your desired quantity amongst 60 ML, 100 ML and 200 ML volumes. You get Rnaux Ultra premium quality microfiber cloth and compact double sided brush to clean all ports of your smart phone along with the gel.

Price: ₹-239   


Silicone Travelamp Light Diffuser Smartphone Flashlight Mood Lamp (White)

Your phone’s flashlight can only shine so bright. If you want to both capture and soften the light to read or create a mood, try Travelamp. Simply slip it over your smartphone’s flashlight and relax under it’s warm glow.

Price: ₹- 250


Starford Plastic and Metal 3.5mm Mini Lapel Omni Directional Condenser Clip Lav Mic

Starford Plastic and Metal 3.5mm Mini Lapel Omni Directional Condenser Clip Lav Mic for Xiaomi, Lenovo, Apple (Multicolour, Lapel.Microphone)

Compact, attractive appearance, high sensitivity design fit voice chat, video conferencing, voice recording, online karaoke clip-on design, easy to clip it to your shirt, collar or placed in small pockets this product is compatible in accordance with standard headset jacks 7rrs, ctia equipment, such as iPad,iPhone cell phone, htc phones, Samsung mobile phones, LG mobile computers, consistent with the trrs,omtp standard plug the headset device, through a special transfer switch wiring used. With drawstring lavalier microphone bag cable length: approx. 1m mic length: approx. 28mm total length: approx. 1.5m.

Price: ₹- 249


Duracell Plus 5000166 AAA Rechargeable Batteries 750 mAh (Pack of 2, Green)

You want to go through the day with the assurance that you can use your devices without worrying about your batteries losing their power – but you’re still not sure if rechargeable batteries are the right thing for you. Don’t worry – Duracell Recharge Plus batteries are the perfect solution if you’re new to rechargeable batteries. They help you get the best from your mid-drain devices like a baby monitor or a wireless computer mouse. Duracell’s Dura lock technology prevents your rechargeable batteries from losing power, so your batteries stay charged for up to six months (when not in use)and last for three years guaranteed*. So get ready for Duracell Recharge Plus batteries, relax and power your devices for long-lasting energy. Powerful isn’t it?*Or 400 recharges, whichever comes first.

Price: ₹- 247