Machine learning engineer

At No. 1 on the list is ‘machine learning engineer’. Ever wondered how can an online retailer or a subscription TV service create a unique and uncluttered experience for the individual customer, based on their past buying or watching habits? How can banks recognise patterns that might indicate fraud or money laundering? This is where ‘machine learning engineers’ come in, says the LinkedIn study describing the profile. The job role combines a branch of artificial intelligence to produce automated data modelling.

Full stack engineer

Ranked at No. 4 on LinkedIn’s “Fastest-growing tech jobs” list, ‘Full stack engineer’ is a combination of front and back-end web and application development. These engineers are the Swiss Army knives of tech talent – able to run a project from start to finish. As well as building the server-side functions of a website, they have to make it user friendly in the “client-side” as well, their versatility means they are in hot demand across a huge swathe of industries looking to add tech capacity as efficiently as possible, says the study describing the job role.

Sales recruiter

Sales recruiter ranks at No. 9 on the list. These tech professionals have the responsibility of handling complete recruitment life cycle for clients. The person is assigned to develop action plans/recruiting strategies to identify qualified candidates through various job portals and networking websites. The person must have exposure to IT positions and must have experience of IT recruitment.

Digital marketing specialist
At No. 7 on the list is ‘digital marketing specialist’. “The person has to deliver effective and innovative digital campaigns. The person should also be able to successfully manage social media campaigns and have a strong understanding of social marketing. The aspirant is also required to have excellent communication skills should also be able to develop, manage and design layouts of communications, the listing reveals,” says report describing the job role.

Python developer

The tenth hottest tech job on the list is Python developer. He or she is responsible for developing and managing the backend of Sumtracker inventory software. The person is also responsible for keeping the code bug free. He should have the understanding of business and the client requirements to build modules. To apply for the job one has to be an expert in Python, Django, Git, SQL, DRF.

Big data developer

As per the LinkedIn listing, ‘Big data developer’ ranks at No. 8. These professionals, as per LinkedIN’s description “must have technical experience in optimization of management and deriving insights from large, non-structure, and non-relational data. The person will also be have to look into all aspects of the software development lifecycle, which includes estimating, technical design, implementation, documentation, testing, deployment, and support of applications developed for the clients. The job requires both architecting and coding.”

Customer success manager

Next on the list is ‘customer success manager’. As per the LinkedIn listing, “this is a high-profile customer-facing role requiring outstanding relationship management skills and technical acumen. CSM works with the customers to understand their needs and map solutions and best practices. The person will work with cross-functional teams and make sure a successful from deployment/onboarding through ongoing account management.”

Application development analyst

Next on the list is ‘application development analyst’. Using a suite of software engineering skills to develop, test, support and troubleshoot computer-based applications for internal and external clients, an ‘application development analyst’ is the person who keeps the show on the road.

Back-end developer

According to LinkedIn, “Behind every great website or mobile application is a successful ‘back-end developer’. They’re responsible for building the server side in web applications and important functions like the database.” The job profile ranks at No. 3.

Data scientist

With most businesses today driven by data, whether it’s financial insights or understanding customer behaviour the role of ‘data scientist’ has become critical. Ranked at No. 5 on the list, these are the people who can make sense of the enormous quantity of data being generated by modern organisations are in high demand.


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