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Smart Mirror is your True Companion want to know how ? : Here its is

The HiMirror, unveiled at CES2018, is an internet-connected smart mirror powered by Amazon’s Alexa, that comes activated on the device. Yes, you heard that right! Mirrors now have the ability to talk back to us just like in fairy tales. The device has a built-in camera which analyses your skin, track your skincare objective and can scrutinize the results of your skincare products. The mirror comes preinstalled with LED lights along its side which help users tweak the lighting conditions to match their desire. it is capable of analyzing multiple aspects of your skin and informs you of all the flaws it deciphers. it scores your features on the basis of percentage(the higher the percentage, the worse the particular feature on your face). The device also sports an entertainment center which features news stories, weather, forecast, makeup tutorials, music, etc. It also allows you to scan the barcode on your product and keep a track of how much of it is left as well as when it expires and should be thrown out. The HiMirror Plus is priced at $219 (approximately Rs.14,900) and is available on their website and Amazon.


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