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Jio Phone finally supports WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube

The WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube apps on Jio Phone will similar to their counterparts on Android and iOS. The voice commands that are supported on Jio Phone, thanks to Google Assistant integration, will allow the users to open the app via voice, so you can ask Google Assistant – in Hindi and English – to open WhatsApp or YouTube, or Facebook.
With the help of voice command, the apps open on the Jio Phone. For YouTube, asking for the “Sanju teaser” through voice command started playing the asked video on the screen. For WhatsApp, a user can type the message, and the recipient will receive a notification just how it does on Android and iOS devices. Akash Ambani also mentioned that Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 users will be able to send WhatsApp messages to both iOS and Android users as well. It is still unclear whether all features that are available for WhatsApp and YouTube users on Android and iOS will make it to Jio Phone or not.
Reliance Jio said that all three apps will be available on the new model, so the old models that garnered over 25 million users, as per the company data, will become redundant if you update. There won’t be any software update provided to the old Jio Phone models.

However, to sweeten the deal, the Jio Phone will be available with a new offer called ‘Jio Monsoon Hungama’ offer. The Jio Monson Hungama offer will give the Jio Phone buyers a discount of Rs 999 if they submit an old feature phone or any brand. This is essentially an exchange programme that will bring the cost down of the already refundable amount of Rs 1,500 for Jio Phone to just Rs 501.


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