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However, contouring, highlighting and strobing have been taken over the beauty world, but now there’s a new makeup technique infiltrating our instagram feeds.                                                                       

So say hello to “baking”: the trend that’s got nothing to do with cupcakes or the kitchen and everything to do with making your makeup as long lasting and flawless as possible. And at a first glance, it looks pretty weird.

“It’s essentially a technique to highlight areas of the face and amplify the coverage and lasting ability of makeup.“It works by applying a thick layer of baking(setting) or highlighting powder to the areas you want to accentuate and letting it ‘bake’ onto the skin for three to five minutes.” as shown in the picture, below.                                                                                          

The theory behind the technique is that the “baking” time allows the makeup to melt into the skin and set more flawlessly compared to simply applying a small dusting of powder.

How to achieve it.

To start off, apply your foundation and concealer as normal.

Then, with a damp sponge or beauty blender, apply a generous amount of baking(setting)  powder under the eye area, jaw line, chin, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow and a little on the forehead.

Leave the thick layer of powder to “bake” onto the skin for five to 3-5 minutes, then dust off the excess and continue to contour or finish your makeup as normal. If you’re applying thicker concealer to the under eye area, make sure you have blended it thoroughly before you bake it.

“Otherwise you will actually set the creases during the process.”                                                                

Baking is not generally something you’d do daily given the time it adds to your makeup application and the effect is very heavy looking .”It also feels a lot thicker on the skin, which can be less appealing to many on a day-to-day basis, but it will definitely lock your makeup as this, technique is perfect for photo shoots or events (or lets face it, selfies!)”

“So now, don’t forget to bake your makeup next time and achieve flawless and velvety skin”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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