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After Blue Whale, new Momo WhatsApp Challenge is turn on suicide among teens

The horrific blue whale challenge, that spread on social media like wildfire, and consumed lives of more than 100  children, an unsettling new “game” called the Momo WhatsApp challenge has been reported in some parts of Latin America.

According to a report by The Sun, the so-called game is feared to be linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina.

What is Momo challenge?

Momo challenge is a suicide-inducing game being spread on WhatsApp where in a disturbing picture of a sculpture is being forwarded along with several instructions for the teens to display extreme behaviour in the form of a challenge. The sculpture has reportedly been created by a Japanese artist Midori Hayashi and neither the sculpture nor the artist has any relevance to the game. The sculpture of a “Mother Bird” is on display in Tokyo’s Vanilla Gallery, along with other displays of horror art.

The Effect

Till now, the Momo challenge has been linked to the death of a 12-year old Argentinian girl as per a report by Buenos Aires Times. Following this, the Cops in Argentina are searching for the “adolescent with whom she exchanged those messages”. Even the National Police of Spain has issued a warning to the parents against the Momo challenge.

Has the challenge reached India?

While there are no reports of the challenge affecting anyone in India yet, but social media is an open platform and things don’t really take time to spread there. Regardless of the challenge being in India or not, if you are a child, block any message on WhatsApp or Facebook that asks you to harm yourself. If you are disturbed, talk to your parents, friends or anyone you feel comfortable with.

And if you are a parent, you need to monitor what your kid does, analyse their behaviour. Pay attention if your child is behaving differently, hurting themselves. And above all, sit down with your kid and let them know that it’s ok to come to talk to you about anything.

Stay safe! Don’t let the insane perpetrators of such a challenge take on the best of you.


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