5 Tips to Crack a Job Interview in First Attempt

Understand the type of job you want

People looking for jobs have been trying their luck in so many ways. Career is about getting a job of your interest. Companies circulate job adverts every day but we need to assess ourselves first. The majority end up applying for jobs that don’t suit them at all. When invited for an interview they chew black out.

Practice before

You can practice for the interview by placing the mirror in front of you or get a friend or relative and assume is the panelist. People might think you are mad but it is a very effective way. Gestures can be assessed here and check on areas to improve. Confidence also is raised. You can practice this over and over until you perfect it.

Brief and clarity with your points

An interview per individual is set within a specified period of time. Again, interviewers don’t have time to hear stories. Avoid wasting their time and catch their interest by going straight to the point. Irrelevant stories are an indication that you did not prepare well.

Dress professionally

An interview is not your regular classroom visit where you can head in shorts and a t-shirt. Your career is at stake here and you definitely don’t want to miss a good opportunity. Dress formally, properly groom yourself and most importantly carry yourself wisely.

The importance of mock interview

Mock interviews are helpful in developing your confidence. Rehearse all the basic questions which an interviewer is most likely to ask, such as, ‘Your strengths and weaknesses,’ ‘your work/internship experience and learnings,’ ‘Why should we hire you’ etc.

Take my advice, write these questions down and thoroughly revise the answer. It will definitely help you during the interview process.


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