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5 New Addictive Android & IOS Games You Should Play

Bouncy Break :

Enjoy the sweet summer-vibes and Bouncy Break your way to an epic High-Score!

Available on : Android, IOS

Connection :

 Connection is the new IQ test using a puzzle game! 

This is the connection game where you have to connect dots from different colours. There is no timer or pressure; the more levels you can clear without help, the higher is your IQ:
 SIMPLE: connect dots that share the same colour and fill the hollow dots to pass the minimalistic puzzle levels.
 CHALLENGING: powered by the Infinity Loop team, this game is harder than any of our previous games, CONNECTION will challenge your logic skills, test your IQ and your ability to build a successful network.
 BEAUTIFUL: the CONNECTION between a minimalistic flat design and a soothing soundtrack will be highly appealing to your senses.
 STRATEGIC: free of time-limit rules, CONNECTION allows you to build your own strategy and link dots at your pace.
 FUN: level after level, you will find yourself wrapped into an immersive and enjoyable gameplay environment.
 FREE: CONNECTION is totally free and you can play all the time you want without costs. However, you can always buy hints to help you in harder levels or pay a symbolical price to remove the ads.


Available on : Android

Stickman Soccer :

Stickman Soccer 2018 is the brand new and better than ever sequel to the award winning Stickman Soccer with more than 75 million players. Experience pure soccer fun with fast paced arcade gameplay and free control, an astonishing atmosphere, stunning smooth animations, simple controls, insane action and tons of replay value in this from the ground up redesigned Soccer. Choose your favorite soccer teams and rank up while playing various seasons, national leagues, cups or the World Cup 2018 in Russia. Stickman Soccer 2018 has a ton of new gameplay features like yellow/red cards, sprint button, slow motion replays, overhead kicks, free kicks, … an outstanding stadium and finally the ability to customise all teams, every soccer player and upgrade your team with the transfer market to build your dream soccer stars. Choose your favorite soccer team from more than 150 different skilled teams and lead them to glory!


You can play offline whenever you want or play online and participate in daily changing live events or even challenge your friend locally with up to 2 controllers

Stickman Soccer brand won the “Best Soccer Game 2015 Award” by German Soccer Culture Academy

Available on : Android, IOS

Horizon :

Avoid obstacles while you maneuver through the unpredictable world of Horizon! Make barrel rolls, collect gems and travel as far as possible.

  • Complete 100 Challenges
  •  Rank up by gathering XP
  • Collect 40 Ships (including Secrets)
  • Receive Daily Rewards
  • Unlock 25 Trails
  • Compare your Highscore with players worldwideDownload Horizon now!

Available on : Android 

Bruce Lee Dragon Run :

Guide kung fu legend Bruce Lee on an epic run through treacherous paths of fire and ice. Be prepared for ninja attacks, falling obstacles, blazing fireballs, and surprises at every turn. Enter special bonus zones as a flying dragon, collect coins, and unlock new characters.

How far will you go to become legendary?

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Challenging endless gameplay
  • 16 playable characters to unlock
  • Cool ninja enemies to battle
  • Bonus dragon zones
  • Seamless controls
  • And awesome Bruce Lee Quotes!

Available on : Android, IOS



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